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got a score of 3040!!

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I like the game, but the ending is just a lot of waiting, if there was a way to speed it up I was unable to find it, I wish I could replace something, but that may be against the idea of the game.  I got 9660 as my high score.

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i somehow managed to get exactly 6000 points

there is an oversight with this mechanic witch is that you can break the blocks that are going to fall


I feel like the endgame's a bit lacking, as in the end you just watch it all slowly dissapear. other than that its a cool tiny little strategy game! I could have done far better, but got only 15200

Nice, Highscore 8310! Good Game!

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my final score is 10640 and that was not from skill but pure luck. somehow a tower was the last block to fall so I kept getting its points.

8690 lets go

Its so sad to watch all your work just fall away at the end. 

Great game though!


Fun game.  I like playing it.

Final Score:2850

Sorry to post way after the comments sorta died but would you happen to have the html code for this? I wanna put this on my website and i need the code (and your permission). If you decide to give e the code then my discord is Noobypro [BLM]#0888 and my email is,  and i'll give a link to the page below it.


Lovely little game, great use of the "running out of space" theme! The little animations like the smoke from blocks falling and on the warning symbol are also quite nice. Mind if I ask what the blue tile was?

Agreed with metalsnail, but speeding up the simulation for the ending part would have been a cool addition - I assume you're finished with this one now though, so heh, whatever :)

(found with the game randomizer :))


Thank you for playing :D

The blue tile is the water (a lake probably :p)

I actually started i sighlty enhanced version, with better ui, better explaination, and a button to skip set the timer to zero (to indeed speed up the end). never finished it tho.

Interesting little game.  The beep was driving me mad though!


Fantastic execution of the theme. Very simplistic but fun gameplay. Love the retro graphics.

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This is really well done! An option to skip turns would be nice, (Especially once you've built on every available square) but this is not really a knock against the quality of the game.