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Great game! I love the retro feel

Really enjoying the game, well done! Love to see an expanded version.

OMG this is amazing. Everything is perfect here, and its really really cool to see this genre done so well on pico-8. I know the jam is over but this is an absolute treasure.


Really enjoyed the game. Very nice given the short time frame.


Nice. Two bugs I noticed.

First, if you select an action on character 1, and character 2 is dead, you can't go back from 3rd to 1st by pressing X.

Second, if you get a lot of exp, instead of getting two levels, you'll only get one and the exp bar will overflow.

Thank you! I'm adding those bugs to fix in my todo list.


Everything is so smooth in this, from animations to music. A great example of what could be achieved under pico-8's limitations.


Amazing game! It's well balanced and fun.