-- /!\ If the mouse cursor doesn't show, just move your mouse toward top left until you see it. The cursor is just probably hidden in the bottom of the game screen. --

Outer Space Problems is a tactical turn-based game about battle in Outer Space!

There is 12 missions selected in a list of ~40. Use your abilities wisely to find the best outcome!

Controls: Entirely playable with a mouse.

  • Left click: validate, Right Click: Cancel.
  • X/Z : abilities hotkeys

During your turn, click on your ship to display its move range, then click on one of the yellow tile to move. Click on an ability button to use it (gray buttons on the right of the screen) or use the hotkeys. The turn ends after a skill use. You can also click on "Next" to end the turn.


  • You can click on an enemy unit to display its attack range.
  • Hack ability allow you to manipulate turn order by switching two characters places in the turn list.
  • You can extract life points from the planets by moving one of your ship next to it, and click on the button under "NEXT". (be careful, it also ends your turn)

Made for Lowrezjam2018.

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