A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Made for procjam 2017.

This is an attempt at creating a procedural generated, non-linear, metroid-vania world. Well more or less.

There is 4 zones, each zone are split into 4 parts. At the end of each zone you get a new ability (eg. Wall Jump). The next zone requires indeed this ability to progress.

This can be barely called a game, there's nothing to do beside exploring ! This is just a small procedural generated prototype!


KEYBOARD: wasd, arrow key: move, space: menu, space: jump, f: dash, r: morph, e: action

GAMEPAD: left stick: move, start: menu, A: jump, LB: dash, Y: morph, X: action



procgenplatformerWindows.zip 10 MB
procgenplatformerLinux.zip 13 MB

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